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We've always wanted to travel but always wondered how it would be possible as college students without much money. In 2018 we decided we wouldn't let our budgets stop us from living our dreams and we set off to Costa Rica on an impromptu trip. In the 2 years since, we went to Belize, Guatemala, Mexico, and Puerto Rico as well as a few states within the US.  We love finding cheap plane tickets, error fares, and affordable places to stay so we started sharing the deals we found with family and friends on social media. We got requests all the time about finding affordable travel opportunities, thus Flyinara was born.


Our vision is to give the opportunity to see the world so affordably that every aspiring traveler can cross off every destination on their bucket list. We are driven to ensure everyone has access to opportunity. We want to impact communities and society on a global scale so that everyone can realize their dreams. That's why we deliver authentic solutions based on the needs of real people. We value harmony, society, and human connection.


Our purpose is to help everyone to overcome barriers by creating remarkable environments and experiences. We believe that addressing the needs of real people is at the heart of everything we do. We feel fulfilled when your needs are prioritized. We want to see the world too so we understand the barriers that you may face, whether that's budgeting or choosing which country you want to visit. That's why we want to give you authentic solutions to help you overcome challenges and create opportunities.

Travel doesn’t have to be expensive. Find the best flights and hotels for unforgettable experiences around the world. No stress, no fees. Just travel.

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